All 12 dishes sushi Kaiseki course 6000 yen with a 120-minute all-you-can-drink
By using a coupon6000 yen

120 minutes (LO15 minutes ago) with all-you-can-drink

A lot of seafood was grip to carefully one by one."Sushi want to eat" is recommended for multi-course in such a luxury banquet.


◆ appetizer

◆ sashimi platter

◆ pork loin ceramic plate grilled (one person pottery plate)

◆ seafood paper pot (one pot)

◆ season of tempura platter

◆ out fried eggplant and yam

◆ of today grilled fish

◆ dessert

◆ season of vinegared

◆ Akaniwatori yuzu pepper grilled

◆ nigiri sushi platter 6 cans

◆ soup

Coupon that can be used

  • Sun - Thu only ☆ Course booked
    All you can drink 120 minutes → 180 minutes

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking at the time of booking
    • Conditions of use

      4 people / / other ticket service · can not be used together / unlimited drinks LO: 15 minutes ago / Friday, Sunday and public holidays unavailable / available on public holidays / unlimited to eat all

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of March 2018