All-you-can-eat all-you-can-drink course 180 minutes 4500 yen
4500 yen

All-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-eat course power up in 3 hours!


«One article»

Two kinds of make-up served Chilled tomato kimchi mozuku vinegar salmon and yam-yu-ku roasted gas Godenbird skin Ponzu Okoshi

Megabu vinegar seaweed

Plenty of vegetables plenty of water gyoza

Edamame beans cold dumplings salmon

Grilled eggplant

Addictive cucumber

Sauteed pickled platter steamed chicken plum plum Meat with meat

Braised fish and kimchi


Steamed chicken Caesar salad

Tofu and crispy salad

Italian salad with raw ham and cheese

Burdock salad

Seafood salad


Today's Kabuto-baked corn butter peach skewer pig sweet kimchi stir-fried

Grilled young chicken with pepper and grilled today's grilled fish Extra large herbs Frank nasty tomato Cheese baked Akuta Mayoko Maya's baguette pizza

Stir-fried vegetables

Grilled chicken with tomato steak wiener cheese

Chicken Cheese Teriyaki Mushroom Butter



Chicken fried chicken from South Korean tartar sauce

Deep-fried cartilage fried potato fried taco cheese

Deep fried tofu cheese ball

Cheese crispy fried rice cake braised fried chicken Hiroshima guns

Deep-fried tofu

Sardine tempura cheeka tempura

Cheese tempura vegetables tempura mincedic cutlet

«Japanese food»

Glutinous rice crispy pickled pickled sushi Three served sweet salmon tea rice rice

Source yakisoba five-eyed saka yakisoba

Tempura udon noodle soup udon saru soba noodles from birds egg dish rice

Chicken pot pork bowl tofu bird soymilk kimchi hot pot


Vanilla Ice Chocolate Ice Chocolate Cake